Waste Heat Set to Heat Thousands of Homes

The latest development in the UK’s net zero endeavor comes in the form of Government-backed projects that will harness waste heat from data centers to provide low-cost, clean heating for homes and businesses across the country.

The UK government has recently announced nearly £65 million in funding for five groundbreaking green heating projects, marking a significant step forward in its commitment to reducing energy bills.

UK government to heat homes with waste heat from data centers | SGS energy renewable energy experts

The largest of these projects will take place in the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Brent, and Ealing, under the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.

This initiative will receive over half of the funding, a staggering £36 million, and will connect 10,000 new homes and 250,000 square meters of commercial space to an innovative heat network. By recycling waste heat from large data centers storing internet data, the project will contribute significantly to the UK’s green energy transition.

Waste heat network – A UK first.

The heat network will represent a first-of-its-kind in the UK, using waste heat from data centers to warm nearby homes and businesses, and is part of a broader strategy that includes five green heating projects in various locations, including London, Watford, Suffolk, and Lancaster.

Similar projects have already gained traction in other parts of Europe. In Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Data Parks works in collaboration with government and private sector stakeholders to provide waste heat from data centers to the local population, with plans to meet 10% of Stockholm’s heating needs by 2035. Similarly, in the Netherlands, Switch Datacenters CEO Gregor Snip has claimed that up to 97% of server heat can be captured, stored, and delivered to homes and offices.

Lord Callanan, the minister for energy efficiency and green finance, expressed his excitement about the UK’s initiative, stating, “Keeping homes warm with waste heat from technology is a glimpse into the future – and demonstrates just how innovative this country can be when it comes to renewable energy.

Is it likely this will be rolled out across the UK?

No, it is not likely that this waste heat initiative will be rolled out across the entire UK. While the government is investing in innovative green heating projects, the expansion of such initiatives across the country would depend hugely on funding availability and local priorities.

So how can I reduce my own energy costs?

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