• Do you want to charge your electric vehicle at your home address, but don't have a driveway or garage? Then we have the solution...

  • Home EV Charging Without a Driveway

    Introducing the EV Charge Arm

    For those without a driveway, the ease of charging at home often seems out of reach, running an EV cable across a pavement is not ideal and councils can even remove EV cables they feel are causing a trip hazard.

    A charge arm from SGS Energy charging your EV from home is easy and safe.

    The EV Charge Arm eliminates safety concerns with its elevated design. High enough for the public to pass through, this solution ensures a smooth and safe pedestrian experience. The arm conveniently folds back when not in use, so that the front of your home looks neat and tidy.

    Cost-Effective Home EV Charging

    By choosing the EV Charge Arm, you not only gain the convenience of home charging but also enjoy lower charging costs compared to public EV charge points. Home charging not only offers lower electricity rates but also allows you to take advantage of off-peak hours and specific EV tariffs.

    Do you want a charge arm for your Kent based property?

    Why choose SGS Energy?

    Don't let the absence of a driveway hinder your electric vehicle charging. With SGS Energy's EV Charge Arm, you can enjoy the benefits of home charging without compromising safety or convenience.

    Make the Switch to Home Charging

    EV Charge Arm Installation

    We recently installed this raised charge arm for our client in Ramsgate, who needed to charge his electric car, but did not have a driveway. This is one of the 1st installs of this type in the UK. If you need help with roadside charging please get in touch.

    Would a Charge Arm work for you?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have a question about Charge Arms that is not covered here, or would like more info  on having one installed, please send us a message.

    Get Started

      Installed at the front of your property, the Charge Arm can be either wall-mounted or ground-mounted. With its charging arm extending and hanging at height during charging, you can effortlessly charge your EV without causing hazards for pedestrians.

      Disconnect your charging connector from the unit, lower the arm, and plug it into your EV, it’s that easy! 

      Once your charging session concludes, retract the Charge Arm into its housing, keeping the outside of your home neat and tidy. 

      Absolutely! Safety is a top priority in the development and design of the Charge Arm. The unit is securely anchored to the ground, featuring no sharp edges or protruding screws.

      Additionally, the charging cable is permanently fixed to the arm, preventing any unauthorized removal or theft. 

      Not at all. While charging, no wires or cables are left across the pavement; only the charging cable hangs above. It does not obstruct pedestrians, including those with prams, seniors, individuals with disabilities, or anyone else using the pavement.

      Equipped with a limited force gas lift, the ChargeArm responds to attempts to pull the cable while the arm is extended by slowly lowering and partially folding inward. <br>This design prevents trapped fingers or the risk of injury. Once released, the ChargeArm returns to its original position.

      The cable reach of the Charge Arm is approx 2.3m.

      Yes, the sleek design of the Charge Arm means you can have it installed on properties both with and without driveways.

      All of our Charge Arms Come with a 5 year Warranty.