Renewable Energy Designer and Office Assistant – A Contract for Callum!

Callum has proven himself as a valued member of the team over the course of his Supported Employment placement at SGS Energy in Kent. So much so that he has now started a new job as a Renewable Energy Designer and Office Assistant! 

He has consistently worked hard at learning all of the new skills he needs for his job – from answering the phones and taking messages, to using design software such as Segen and putting quotes together for clients.

Callum started as an Intern in April 2021 and quickly proved himself as a fast learner (Read Callum Makes A Flying Start) and soon became skilled at using the various design software in the office. As a result, Callum’s role was adapted so that he could put his talents to best use. Callum also became confident at traveling and working independently – before long, his work coach, Saffie, was tapering down her hours with Callum. 

Callum with his contract at SGS Energy

As well as becoming skilled in the areas that came most naturally to him – software and design – Callum has also worked hard at developing his phone and customer service skills. Today, Callum is making outbound calls, answering the office phone and dealing with enquiries – demonstrating the skills he has worked to strengthen.

Callum has built up a reputation with the team at SGS as an exceptionally hard worker, who will put his hand to anything and because of this, he was hired as a member of the team. “Callum is almost unrecognisable from when he started with us. He has grown so much, his skill set and confidence has really improved.”

“Throughout my internship I found the training that I did on the various software and using the phones really helped my confidence. I am really proud of myself that I have got a paid job at SGS Energy. I feel like the team has been really flexible and supportive throughout.”  – Callum 

“Callum is almost unrecognisable from when he started with us. He has grown so much, his skill set and confidence has really improved.Over the past 10 months he has learnt a multitude of new skills and adapted to new experiences and situations with the help and support of bemix. He has integrated really well with the rest of the team, is a positive member of staff always willing to help. We are delighted to be in a position to offer Callum a permanent contract. Well done Callum and bemix!”  – Graham Scott, Manager at SGS Energy

Congratulations Callum – an outstanding achievement!

Callum with his contract and SGS team members, Graham and Matt

“Working with the Supported Internship programme at bemix supports our values of employing a diverse and inclusive workforce” Macknade, Faversham – a bemix Supported Employment partner