Expansive Residential Solar Panel Installation

Client: James Turner

Location: Bekesbourne, Near Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

Residential Solar Panel Installation Overview:

SGS Energy, recently completed a solar installation project for this domestic residence. The project boasted an impressive 11 kW solar panel system, designed to significantly reduce the household’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

Solar Panels Utilised: The installation featured the advanced Tiger Neo N-Type 54HL4R panels, known for their high efficiency and performance. These panels are designed to maximise energy production, even in limited space.

Installation Time: SGS Energy’s skilled Solar PV team completed the installation within just three days, demonstrating expertise and efficiency.

solar panels in bekesbourne - nr canterbury - kent | residential solar panel installation

Inverter Technology: A GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter 5.0 was chosen for its reliability and ability to manage solar energy efficiently, ensuring optimal performance of the solar panel system.

Battery Storage: James opted for additional battery storage, enhancing the system’s capability to store excess energy produced during the day for use during less sunny periods or at night, This means James can maximise the efficiency of his newly installed solar panels.

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