Charge Arm – How to Charge your EV without a Driveway

Embracing electric vehicles (EVs) is a step toward a sustainable future, but for many without a driveway, the dream of convenient home charging can seem out of reach. Enter EV Charge Arms – a revolutionary solution designed to transform the way you charge your EV.

In this guide, we’ll explore all of your questions about Charge Arms and how they provide a pathway for seamless and accessible home charging, even when a traditional driveway is not in the picture.

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1. What is an EV Charge Arm?

An EV Charge Arm is an elevated charging solution designed for electric vehicle owners who lack a driveway for traditional home charging. This innovative system features a retractable arm that suspends the charging cable, eliminating the need to run it across public pavements.

2. How Does the EV Charge Arm Work?

The Charge Arm operates on a simple yet effective mechanism. When in use, the arm extends above street level to allow electric vehicle owners to connect their cars for charging.

After use, the arm smoothly retracts, folding back into a space-saving position. This design ensures that the charging cable is elevated and out of the way, addressing safety concerns and providing a clean, organised appearance.

3. Is it Safe for Pedestrians?

Absolutely. The elevated design of the EV Charge Arm ensures that the charging cable remains above ground level, offering a clear path for pedestrians. This not only enhances safety but also eliminates tripping hazards associated with traditional charging cables running across public spaces.

3a. Can’t I just run an EV cable across the pavement?

Whilst it is currently legal to run an EV cable across a pavement, it can be dangerous and If someone trips and is injured by your cable, you could be liable and face a claim for personal injury.

4. Can I Install an EV Charge Arm at My Home?

Yes, in most cases. The installation of an EV Charge Arm is typically adaptable to various home environments.

5. Is it cheaper to charge your car from home?

Using an EV Charge Arm for home charging can lead to significant cost savings compared to relying solely on public charging stations. Home charging, not only offers lower electricity rates than public charging but also allows you to take advantage of off-peak hours and specific EV tariffs.

6. Is the EV Charge Arm Compatible with Different EV Models?

Yes, the EV Charge Arm is designed to be compatible with all-electric vehicle models. This is because the arm simply elevates the charging cable, and all electrical connections remain the same.

7. Is the EV Charge Arm Weather-Resistant?

Yes, EV Charge Arms are typically designed to be weather-resistant. The materials used in their design ensure durability and performance in various weather conditions. This makes them a reliable solution for year-round home charging.


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