Case Study: Developer Solar PV Installation 

Square Circle Developments – Driftwood Mews

The Brief 

The client who is a local property developer, with a drive to create environmentally friendly, low cost living homes, came to us to discuss solar options for his “net zero carbon” residential development.  They provided us with a plan of the properties and a drawing of the desired solar panel placement.  

solar panel case study

As you can see from the images, it is one block building, broken down into 9 properties, each requiring 2.52kW solar power.  

The Solution 

Our solution was to install 6 x 420-watt Jinko Tiger Neo solar panels per plot.  There was an emphasis on using a high-quality panel, with great efficiency and extensive warranties.  We used the GSE integrated roof mounting system to produce a finer aesthetic finish.  We coupled these with a Solis Energy Storage 3kW Hybrid 5G Inverter in each plot.  The client had already sought Air Source Heat Pumps for each property also.  

solar panel kent case study

The Design

As you can see, we have modelled the properties and placed the panels onto the roof areas per the client’s design. Each design is weight and wind loadings calculated to ensure the structure will take the adaptations. For some projects, we also use a structural engineer to produce a report to confirm the suitability. 

The Simulation  

Each design has its individual simulation based on the panels, irradiance, azimuth and output. This gives us an overview of what is proposed. To produce as much power through the winter months we ‘oversize’ the array to capture as much sunlight as possible through these months. The inverter is a 3kw inverter so it will never produce more than that figure. 

The Installation  

solar case study
solar pv