Solar Panels for Business

Commercial Solar Panels

SGS Energy is your partner in harnessing sustainable energy for businesses across the Southeast Our tailored commercial solar panels cater to the specific needs of  commercial operations, including manufacturing plants, schools, and industrial operations.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Promote your green activities
  • Increase income from excess energy
  • Very helpful and professional. Very pleasant to work with and responded quickly to queries. Easy to contact and would be happy to work with them again
  • Commercial Solar Panels

    Transform Your Operations, Power Your Future

    At SGS Energy, we understand the unique energy demands of commercial enterprises. Our cutting-edge solar panel solutions aren't just about reducing energy costs; they're about revolutionising how your business operates. By adopting solar power, you're not only optimizing costs but also promoting eco-friendly practices that resonate with your audience.

    Our commercial solar panels are suitable for all commercial, and industrial customers from car and food manufacture to high energy consumers like schools and colleges.

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    large scale solar panel installation in Kent | commercial solar panels Kent
    commercial solar panels for business

    Why Choose Solar Panels for Your Business

    Join numerous businesses in the SouthEast that have already revolutionised their operations with SGS Energy. Let's embark on a journey towards sustainable energy, profitability, and a greener future together.

    • Massive Reduction in Energy Costs

      By harnessing solar energy, your business can substantially cut down on operational expenses, allowing you to reinvest those savings where they matter most.

    • Promotion of Green Initiatives

      Embrace sustainability as a core value. With our solar panels, you showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility, attracting eco-conscious customers and stakeholders.

    • Revenue Generation and Cost Offset:

      Generate surplus energy and monetise it or offset your running costs. Let your rooftop or open spaces become revenue streams through our efficient solar solutions.

    Ready to find out more about commercial solar panels?

    Whether you need stand alone solar panels for your business or are looking for a complete renewable energy solution, SGS have the knowledge and experience to help. 

    Running a 24 Operation? 

    Reliable Solar Energy, Day and Night 

    For businesses running round-the-clock operations, uninterrupted power is non-negotiable. SGS Energy's commercial solar panels solutions are designed to ensure continuity, providing reliable energy even during nighttime or adverse weather conditions.

    Battery Backup Solutions: Our integrated battery systems store excess energy generated during the day, ensuring a consistent power supply during off-peak sunlight hours or in case of power grid fluctuations.

    Enhanced Reliability: We engineer solar systems that work hand-in-hand with your existing power infrastructure, creating a seamless energy supply that supports your 24-hour operational demands.
    commercial solar panels | solar panels for business | industrial solar

    Commercial Solar Panels Case Studies 

    Explore how businesses similar to yours have benefited from SGS Energy's solar solutions. 

    Real Businesses - Real Results 
    • Spurling Cannon Commercial Solar PV Installation

      The case study showcases how an accounting firm tackled rising energy expenses and environmental changes by adopting a thorough solar energy solution. They aimed to manage high energy needs driven by air conditioning, heavy computing, and upcoming electric vehicle usage among staff.

      Read More →
      large scale solar panel installation in Kent | commercial solar panels Kent

    Client Reviews

    We take pride in our work, checkout what these previous clients had to say about SGS Energy

    The team at SGS Energy are exceptional. Like all other reviews, I can't rate them highly enough. From the initial phone call to completion of the job, they were polite, courteous, professional, knowledgeable and respectful. Very pleased with the solar system they installed. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Excellent service. Thank you.

    Very helpful and professional. Very pleasant to work with and responded quickly to queries. Easy to contact and would be happy to work with them again

    From start to finish SGS have been amazing, first class service. Thanks to Mathew and his team of engineers.

    Ready to harness the power of the sun?

    Take the first step towards a brighter future for your business! Contact SGS Energy today for a free consultation and start your journey towards sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

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